Nov 19, 2013

Quick Vid - An Ankle Sprain And a Loss of Mobility

Hey guys! Here is a quick video that I shot the other day while working with a patient of mine. I just wanted to share a technique for ankle mobility that utilizes the Edge Mobility Band (or a theraband).

Case: 21 year old male, collegiate basketball player, 4-weeks post ankle sprain. Imaging revealed avulsion fractures of the medial deltoid and lateral calcaneal-fibular ligaments. Patient was ordered by the team physician to be immobilized in a boot and on crutches for the first three weeks following injury. Initially coming out of the boot, dorsiflexion and plantar flexion were almost a zero for both active and passive ROM.

In the video, this obviously didn't return ankle ROM to normal ranges but definitely increases it with just one set. I often repeat this 2-4 times depending on the patient's tolerance to the compression. I often have the patient walk a longer distance if tolerated as well. It also substantially lowers the patient's perceived discomfort associated with ankle "stiffness" and "soreness". I use this in conjunction with several different mobility techniques but is nice because certain techniques like a traditional posterior glide are much too uncomfortable for me to use with this patient at this stage. This is a pain free alternative for him!

Let me know how it works for you!


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