Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of my readers! I'm not sure if I actually have any dedicated readers yet but happy holidays to any happenstance readers as well! This post is a highlight of my top 5 viewed posts of 2013. I know it isn't technically 2014 yet so maybe I will be proved wrong. However, if you are new to my blog or haven't read all of my posts then maybe this recap will enlighten you to a popular post that you missed.

This was a recent post of mine where I interviewed Professor Noakes. He has always delivered on the facts when I have seen him featured in other podcasts, blog interviews, and his own books. This interview was no different. 
I have been rapidly changing my manual therapy skills this year. Part of my rapidly changing skill set has been the ability to make rapid improvements in my patients. One way of doing this has been through the use of the Edge Mobility Band and this review outline a lot of my experiences with it thus far.
This post was fashioned after my #1 post (soon to come) and discussed my thoughts regarding hip extension for runners. Especially in regards to hip extension mobility. I am not saying that hip flexion isn't important but that wasn't the focus of this somewhat lengthy post.
In early 2013 I won a free pair of El Mono Huaraches by Luna Sandals. I won these in a raffle by Luna  sponsored runner, Patrick Sweeney. It was on his blog, Bourbon Feet, and I was a very happy guy to have won. I love these sandals and I wore them a ton this past spring/summer/fall for running, hiking, and walking about town.
This was one of my first big posts on my blog. I never that it would get the exposure that it did but it has been shared by many people over social media via different blogs and places like Twitter. If you have spent any time around me or on my blog you know how much I talk about a lack of ankle dorsiflexion.  Nevertheless, even if I am slightly biased to investigating this dysfunction I still know it for a fact that it is a very vital and often times very dysfunctional movement.  Limitations at the ankle have huge implications all along the kinetic chain.

This was my first year in review post. You all can look forward to an upcoming post on the top 5 things that I learned as a clinician/professional this past year. I am also continuing to film and work on my self-SFMA Case Study series. I hope you all enjoy the finale of 2013 and may it treat you well.