Jun 5, 2014

Tibial Internal Rotation Mobilization w/ The Edge Mobility Band

I have had a few people ask me lately about using the Edge Mobility Band for tibial internal rotation. I kept trying to refer them to a previous video that I had made about this very topic. However, they couldn't seem to find the video on my blog or on my YouTube channel. Turns out I never edited the video or posted about it on my blog. Oops.

Therefore, this is a quick post and video to show you how I use the Edge mobility band to work on mobility deficits when it comes to tibial IR. A few things before I share the video...

-The band is not a necessity for this technique but I find that it helps enhance its efficacy and the ability to grip the skin.
-The band doesn't need to be wrapped on so tightly that it cuts off blood flow.
-This technique should be pain free.
-You are looking to get at least 20 degrees of tibial internal rotation via the SFMA to be functional...Don't confuse a mobility issue with a motor control issue here. (Active vs. Passive differentiation)
-Do more than the two sets of ten that I did for this video. I filmed this quickly on my phone while at work tonight using one of my coworkers. In the first segment of the video he is actually trying to internally rotate his tibia. He definitely isn't functional afterwards but there is a marked improvement afterwards. Rinse and Repeat this continuously for a few days to weeks to restore full motion.

I am curious what others do for mobility issues regarding tibial IR and subtalar inversion/eversion issues...Please share if you have some input!


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